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4096 Piedmont Ave.
Suite #552
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 654-2195
Monday - Friday from 6am to 6pm
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    Despite the best intentions, community organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike discover, all too frequently, that their upcoming events have become an uphill journey; peppered with traps and pitfalls. But if events are so challenging to produce, why do organizations continue to invest so much in them?

    At Proud Festival Nation, we have built our practice and approach on the understanding that events matter to you because a successful event directly supports your organization’s mission, and its vision. Whether you are launching a new brand, kicking off a capital campaign, or organizing a community for a celebration, the success of the event has a direct impact on your ability to move forward. We invite you to learn more about us — welcome to Proud Festival Nation.

    Our mission is to provide you with our very best event designers, planners, staff and leadership to achieve the vision of your event. Let us show you how our methods, planning and execution of the design come together. Let us take the first steps together toward achieving your goals and vision.

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